Financial and Lifestyle Freedom is closer than what you think. Through educated Cryptocurrency trading we can create financial freedom and create the freedom of lifestyle you have always dreamed of. Join our like minded community, learn how to read charts and trade cryptocurrencies as a winner and learn how to create your dream lifestyle ...


Share and discuss your TA with trained TA Advisors and fall back on the support system of the Cryptogasmic Community. Learn how to design and live the free lifestyle you have always dreamed of... Share your experiences and learn from the CRYPTOGASMIC community.


Learn how to be one of the 10% who win at Crypto trading by taking our intensive step by step trading Hack bootcamp webinars. Learn how to read charts, map a trade and make smarter decisions in your trades. The cryptogasmic VIP support Chat is there for you to ask questions, discuss your charts and offer support to our VIP members.


Blockchain and Cryptocurrency gives us the launch pad to freedom. Financial Freedom through Cryptocurrency trading, Freedom through starting our own business online, freedom from the banks and governments.



Trade Signals

Access to buy and sell signals including charts with entry and exit targets as well as trade management. Regular updates direct to your phone, tablet or computer.



Access our Trading bootcamp Hack Videos and learn how to trade as a winner.

Live Trading

Live Trading

Join us several times a week as we trade live together and go through the charts looking for opportunities.

VIP Chat


24 Hour VIP Chat room with community support for your TA questions.

Trade Signals

Receive our trade signals complete with Suggested Entry and Exit points. You will have access to trade management and wealth strategy. Complete with easy to understand charts to back up our signals.


Education is knowledge and knowledge is power. You will have unlimited access to our Trading hack bootcamp courses that will have you reading charts and trading in no time. We go through the Emotional cycle of the markets, Explain Elliot Wave Theory, Fibinacci, Indicators, how to map and track a trade and so much more.

Live sessions and reviews

We do regular live trading sessions and market reviews so as a community we can go through the charts in real time looking for possible opportunities. These sessions will update the progress of current trades while we also look for all new opportunities

24 Hour VIP Chat

Cryptogasmic believes in Community. You will have access to our 24 VIP chat room where you can discuss charts and analysis with the community and our trained team of TA guides . Community Support system will be with you all the way.


Our ICO Research team will bring you the most up to date ICO information on the market. Get into only the Best ICOS for Maximum investment opportunities.

Freedom feels good.

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